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What is VoIP Phone Service?

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Broadband Tools Roundup

Many homes with Internet now use broadband because of its speed and efficiency, but not all broadband connections are created equal. Want to know how your Internet stands up to the rest of your options? Use these tools to find out more about your Internet connection.

  • will allow you to test both the download and upload speed of your Internet connection, no matter where you are in country. It works by contacting the closest server to your computer and sending files to see how long it takes for them to download and upload. You will be able to tell how close you are getting to your advertised speed by using this website. To get an idea of how well your your Internet service is working, you need to check this on a regular basis. During peak times, your Internet speed may not be that advertised due to heavy usage.
  • what is my is a simple website that will tell you your computers IP address. This is useful for people who need to know their IP address but are currently using a router to obtain wireless Internet signal. It can also tell you whether or not a proxy is being used camouflage the real IP address of the computer.
  • Fiber Nation: Fiber Nation will help learn more about Verizon FiOS and other fiber-to-the home Internet services. Fiber-optic Internet is currently the fastest available Internet in the country.
  • has several different tools. If you are considering using voice over IP technology to conduct phone calls over your network, there is the tool to help you determine if your network is ready for the service.

No matter which one of these tools you use,you will be able to tell how good your Internet connection is. if you find your Internet connection is not where you want to be, contact your Internet service provider right away. They may be able to help improve your speed or connection quality. If you still do not get the results you’re looking for, you may want to consider changing to a different Internet provider.